The FlexShade Zip 127 Screen System


Screen System: Zip 127

Providing comfort, privacy, and protection where you need it.

Expand your outdoor living space into usable square footage that’s fully enclosed with just the push of a button.

Custom fit to your home or business, the Zip 127 shade screen helps to regulate solar exposure, providing shade and glare control over windows and patio areas while securing them from the elements and insects.

Built-in Zip retention channels seal the sides of your retractable screen to create a screened-in living, dining, or recreational area. And with dozens of mesh colors and opacities, you can design a beautiful space with a fantastic view.

Perfect for resorts, and vacation rentals, too.

Ready to upgrade your home with one of our shade screen solutions? Get in touch with Frank at Canvas Products today. He’ll help you decide on the best option to make your favorite indoor and outdoor spaces even better!


The FlexShade Zip 127 Screen System

  • Features
  • Frame Colors
  • Specs
  • 5” headbox blends seamlessly into your residential or commercial structure
  • Your choice of square, curved, or angled headbox style
  • Dozens of fabric mesh selections in a wide array of screen colors and opacities
  • Six frame color choices with industry-leading, super-durable, low-gloss powder coat finish. Includes UV inhibitors for a beautiful, fade-resistant finish.
  • Low profile, 1 5⁄8″ wide fabric retention side channels
  • Side-channel retention track holds the screen along the sides when lowered, preventing the fabric from billowing in the wind. These retractable solar screens block your space from sun, rain, and insects.
  • Sealed ball bearings for smooth, quiet operation
  • Remote controlled motorized operation can be integrated into home automation systems and Wi-Fi app for quick, wireless control
  • Motorized operation only
  • Available in custom sizes up to 16′ wide and/or 16’ tall
  • Retractable solar screens block up to 99% of solar heat transmission
  • Can lower air conditioning costs by up to 60%
  • Certified test data shows Zip screens are able to withstand strong winds
  • 10-year frame warranty
  • 10-year fabric warranty
  • 5-year motor warranty
Frame Colors

Width: 48″ – 192″

Drop: 48″ – 192″